How Your Friends Can Determine If You Will Succeed or Not


Is it possible to live without friends? We all have friends with whom we share ideas, converse, have fun, and quarrel. That is, after all, the foundation of friendship. But did you know that your friends, in addition to you, can determine whether or not you succeed?

Friendship is defined by two abilities: the ability to “love” and the ability to “influence.” This indicates that you are loved and influenced. What impact do your friends have on your life success? How are they one of the most important determinants of your success? Let’s have a look.

What kind of friends do you hang out with?

First and foremost, who are your friends? What do you refer to as your best friend? Friendships can be divided into two categories: good friends and bad friends. Many people have lost their way to success, while others have found it, all because of the friends they retain and the people they associate with.

Who is your closest companion? Carefully consider your response. Having a best friend implies that you are compatible and understand each other. Examine who your closest companion is. You don’t have a best friend if your best friend has never pushed you to accomplish something positive, if your best friend has never offered you positive counsel, and if your best friend has never informed and advised you on your flaws.

“Birds of a feather flock together,” as this adage says. Countless people have gone from having a good temperament to having a terrible one due to the influence of friends. It’s worth noting that “negative people walk with a negative aura.” You will undoubtedly be affected by your best friend’s negative aura if he or she is full of negativity on the inside.

They have a positive or negative impact on your success.

Because your friends have the power to radically transform your personality, the friends you keep can either impact you positively or negatively.

This is how your friends have an impact on you:

  • They have an indirect influence on you because of what they do.
  • They have a direct impact on you through teaching and advising you.

Yes, it is how they have an impact on you. For example, you may enjoy the way an actor walks in a film. Will you try to replicate the actor’s gait if you genuinely enjoy the way he walks? You will, without a doubt.

Your friends can affect you with their character in the same manner that you can influence them by imitating the actor. The amusing part is that they don’t have to educate you on how to do things their way. It’s only a matter of time until you start emulating and duplicating them.

Is it vital to ask whether you’re mimicking a good or bad friend? You will be good if you imitate a good buddy, but if you imitate a bad person, you will undoubtedly become a bad person.

Everyone wants to be successful, and a good buddy will always teach, enlighten, and push you to achieve that goal. A lousy friend will only encourage you to commit crimes (smoking, drinking, fighting, envy,

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And you should be aware that such things are a major deterrent to success and even God. So, how will you accomplish success if you have these negative aspects in your life? It’s impossible!

They can also instruct and advise you immediately. What, on the other hand, do your friends teach you? Do they inspire you positively or teach you the terrible stuff when you ask for advice? Many people have made life-altering decisions as a result of listening to friends’ counsel.

The people you associate with have the ability to affect and alter you. Always keep in mind that a positive influence can instruct, motivate, and prepare you for success. A negative influence, on the other hand, will inspire you to become a bad person, ruin your good nature, and ultimately leave you with regrets.

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