The Relevance of Truth in Post-truth Era

But, is truthfulness an outdated principle, is it still relevant or does it still have value?

post-truth era

We’ll go over all you need to know about the relevance of truth in the post-truth era, as well as truth and its importance, and how to deal with falsehoods in this article.

Let’s start by defining “what is truth.” Truth, according to Wikipedia, is the attribute of being in agreement with truth or reality or otherwise corresponding to it, such as beliefs, proportions, and declarative phrases. Falsehood is often the absolute opposite of the truth.

Allow me to clarify what the Post-truth Era is, even though it isn’t new, in order to fully comprehend the concept of this post. The Post-Truth Era is characterized by a period in which facts are considered secondary to personal ideas and opinions, and emotional appeal is employed to sway public opinion. For example, we have Post-truth politics, in which false rumors and conspiracy theories are widely circulated.

Truth and Its Surprising Perception

Truth is interpreted differently by different people in today’s world, as information spreads at the speed of light. This is because “if you don’t know what’s true, you’ll say anything and it won’t be a lie.”People clearly interpret the truth according to their mental impressions and emotions, resulting in the post-truth era.

The reality of things is truth. Consider this: Perception is the lens through which we observe reality, the truth. Meanwhile, in this post-truth era, we judge truth based on emotions and mental judgment.

The Importance of Truth

Truth has a high value in society, particularly in Western society. Both ourselves and society as a whole are interested in the truth. Is honesty, on the other hand, an out-of-date principle, or does it still hold value?

The following are some of the reasons for Truthtelling

1. Authentic Communication

Truthtelling is necessary for honest communication to take place, as it allows for actual human engagement. That is, if the truth isn’t expected, communication will soon break down completely. Imagine living in a society where no one expected the truth to be revealed. What criteria could a person use to determine what is true and what is false? If there was no expectation of the truth, how could a person make crucial decisions? Without the rule of honesty, life would be chaos.

2. Co-operation and trust

The act of telling the truth fosters human trust and collaboration. Being a person of one’s word promotes trust and trustworthiness, which is important for a prosperous community. Telling the truth demonstrates a willingness to share your innermost feelings and thoughts with others. This action motivates others to reciprocate, which strengthens your bond with them.

3. The dignity of the human

People are treated with dignity when they speak the truth. When someone is lied to, it takes a lot of courage to tell them the truth.

4. Societal Growth

Because everyone will view reality and perceive the truth via the appropriate lens, truthtelling in society helps to lessen the impact of post-truth. Consider this: there will be no corruption if government officials or those in positions of leadership are honest. As a result, every dollar earned will be put to good use and will contribute to society’s growth.

5. The truth attracts the truth.

People who tell the truth are naturally drawn to other truthtellers. Being honest can lead to good relationships and partnerships.

How to Deal with Falsehoods

Interrupting your own reflex of disseminating false information that goes against your conviction or reality is the best method to cope with falsehood and limit the impact of post-truth on our society.

  1. Never share a social media post without first verifying its accuracy.
  2. Track down the source of the data.
  3. Take a look at the storyline.
  4. Stories that play on emotions should not be listened to, but they should be watched with caution.

Conclusion: The Truth Will Always Prevail.

We’ve talked a lot about The Relevance of Truth in the Post-Truth Era so far, and I can tell you that truth is still important, has value, and is never an outdated principle.

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