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4 Proven Ways To Help Our Kids Choose Career

Sometimes, choosing a career path may seem overwhelming and delicate as one wrong step can wreak havoc, especially, when helping our kids to choose a career path. According to statistics, this issue affects over 70% of Africans and extensively Nigerians.

If we carry out a survey on 100 Nigerian Undergraduates who are currently studying unnecessarily highly rated courses, we would notice only about 10-20% really have the career path embedded in them since their young age.
NB: Embedding any career path into kids is not by appending unnecessary prefix, such as a doctor, engineer, professor, the law, etc. to their names. It entails more. Furthermore, do you know this career choosing issue has made most of the courses in Nigeria seem useless?
As the boat of this article rolls on, we will see the most effective ways to help our kids choose the right career path that will make them successful. Helping in the sense that they will be directed naturally to follow a certain career path.
Let’s move.
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How The Choosing of Career Path Has Been in Every Family?

In the past, sadly, in this present day too, we are yet to fully understand the concept of choosing a career path. And, if we fail to realize that we have been doing this in the wrong way, this wrong legacy will be passed on to the next generation. It is obvious what we are doing now or what we know is as a result of what was passed from the last generation.

Case 1: Family legacy.

This way of choosing a career is when there is a certain career path everyone including the pedigree in the family must follow in the family. For example, we have some notable families in Nigeria with their known career path, but, I will not mention names for some reasons. This family legacy can be found in any family with any career e.g. Woodwork, Cloth weaving, Pot making, Legal work(LAW), Medical field(dentistry, medicine and surgery, pharmacy, nursing, etc.) and so on.

Case 2: Peer pressure.

This factor affects mostly parents or guardians. In this way, parents or guardians enforces on their kid(s) a certain career path maybe because one of their friends is successful in such path. This is also when our kid(s) wants a certain career probably due to how highly overrated it is.

Case 3: Money.

Hmm… Obviously this is a major factor for choosing a certain career path in virtually all the families. Although, I can’t dispute the fact that money is very important, sure, we all pray to be successful. But, one fact is that success is not all about money.
But, why must we help our kids and not enforce or choose for them?
This is a question I know you are silently asking yourself.
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Why Should I Help My Kid(s) Choose a Career path naturally?

It is very important to know the reason, so as to know the gravity of enforcing certain career path to our kid(s). If you allow your kids to choose naturally, the following cycle will occur.


This is the simple cycle you will enjoy when you allow your kid(s) to choose their career path naturally. When you allow the process to flow naturally, the confidence will grow in your kid as he/she will be like this is what I will become in some years time. It is obvious when one is confident about something, there will happiness and fulfilment.
In addition, to be successful, one needs to be committed and dedicated to one’s work. Moreover, to be dedicated to the certain thing already mean it is important and you find fulfilment in it because you are confident of the possible outcomes.
Success, success falls in place when all its prerequisites have been fulfilled. Although, success has no definite prerequisites, however, the prerequisites of success are what works for you.
Now that success is guaranteed, you as a parent or guardians will now be proud of your kid(s).
Therefore, it is very important to guide your kid(s) to choose naturally.

Kids reading
Kids reading

How Can I Help My Kids Choose Their Career Path Naturally At Their Early Stage?

Hmm. This is actually the call of this article.
As I have said, success has no definite prerequisites, however, the prerequisites of success are what works for you.
But, Let’s discuss 4 proven ways this can be done.

  1. Books:
    Yes, books.
    You are already saying to yourself, “my kids read their books, so, how is that going to help…” Here, I’m talking about reading books outside the school’s curriculum. Buy or borrow books for your kids. Absolutely, books from different categories, different spheres of life i.e. from personal development books to science, arts, finance and economics, commerce, biography, etc.

    Case Study: Ben Carson, in his books, he explained how reading two books a week helped him in his success journey and majorly in choosing his career path.When kids read books from different sphere of life and categories, literarily, they are broadening their exposure. Mahatma Gandhi said that “reading books is like listening to advice from the author.” Book is an important searchlight to find pathways to problems’ solutions.

    Give them books that tell both non-fictional and fictional (real and imaginary) stories. This will show them the blueprint others have used. “we can’t dig a hole deeper by digging in different places.”
    Books related to poems too should not be overlooked.

  1. Excursion:
    This is another part to focus on. An excursion is a short journey made to a certain place for pleasure as well as to learn new things. Taking kids to either place they’ve read in their books or random places related to different career paths.
    For example, take your kids to places like wood factories, construction sites, metrological stations, car factories, commercial banks, political buildings, law firms, hospitals, communication houses (radio, television, etc.), and so on.

    NOTE: Not only visiting but meet with the people working there and request or pay to guide your kid(s) around such a firm.

    This process will always be in their memory and will therefore help to choose a career path. Furthermore, this will expose them to the working conditions, happiness, enthusiasm in different careers and will give them the opportunity to meet someone as a role model.

  1. Role models:
    When you give books to your kids or take them to make them go on an excursion, it is very important to tell your kids to get at least one role model from each book or excursion.
    Hmm. It seems too much to have 100+ role models. Yes, it is. Too much of role models can make them lose focus, ops! That seems bad.

    Now, they can have a least a role model in a certain category of books they read or certain sphere of life.

    It is very important to have a role model, let them have one.

  1. God:
    Little girls praying
    Teach your kids to be prayerful.

    It is obvious, God is the most important of all, but why coming last in the list.

    This is simply because God is important in every step. Only God can allow your kids to pick the right role model, get inspired by excursions and see important points from books read.

    Teach your kids to be prayerful.

However, we can have more ways whereby we can stimulate the success of our kids naturally, but those are the major ways we can help them so as to build their confidence, make them happy and fulfilled which we eventually make them successful and finally make you as a parent or guardian happy too.
Finally, let’s see the reason some careers seem not good enough in our society

Why Some Careers Seem Not Good Enough in Our Society

For some careers to seem not good enough may not be intentional.
Yes, they are made less important unknowingly. How?

  1. When we don’t read about those careers
  2. When We don’t visit places related to them
  3. When We don’t have any role model in those careers

To wrap up, the best gift you can give to your kids aside education is the gift of the right to choose their career path. Don’t allow your family legacy, peer pressure or money to make you enforce certain career on your kids, let it flow naturally.
Give books not candies as present to your kids, not all excursion is going to the waterfall, let excursions have an impact on their future, give them the opportunity to meet their role models, if still alive and finally, show them how to pray to God.

“we can’t dig a hole deeper by digging in different places.”
“reading books is like listening to advice from the author.”
Book is an important searchlight to find pathways to problems’ solutions.’

Original copy by ©️Charles
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Topic: 4 Proven Ways To Help Our Kids Choose Career
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