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2020 WACE: Why Students May Record Excess Failure


The short time given to schools to prepare their pupils for 2020 has left those involved with huge uncertainty about the future of the country’s education system, and there are fears that the results could be the worst ever recorded.

The trial is due to begin on Monday 17 August 2020 and students will have just 12 days to prepare for their exams. Schools were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the government to take such measures to contain the spread of the virus. While schools reopened and academic activities continued, the federal government directed schools to allow SS3 students to resume, so that students – especially upper secondary students – do not waste the school year.

Education officials fear that the short preparation for this year’s exams could lead to mass failure of WATER, as many students may not pass the tests. Akeem Amosu has previously complained that epileptic power has been destroyed, coupled with many parents’ inability to afford the internet. While both state and private schools have been running online courses during the lockdown, it has emerged that a large number of students did not take part in the exercise.

Students were not allowed to attend tutoring classes as many parents could not afford to hire teachers, but some students have shown encouraging results. WASSCE believes that students are being taught thoroughly and have completed the curriculum set by the WAEC, and are being held back.

In Lagos state, 48,651 private candidates took the exam and only 21,614 candidates, or 44.43 per cent, received recognition or more in at least five (5) subjects, including English and mathematics. In 2018, results were better than the previous year, but in 2019, only 1.5 per cent of them were awarded in English. Private candidates performed worse than public candidates in the state that has improved, according to WASSCE, while public candidates performed better in the state.

However, the performance of public candidates in 2018 has deteriorated compared to the previous year. In 2017, only 1.5 per cent of them received recognition or more in at least five (5) subjects, including English and maths. But in 2019, 101,150 public candidates received the same results, representing only 2.4 per cent of the total number of candidates, and 162,066 public candidates who passed the 2018 exam received the same results.

Some students, teachers and parents who spoke to this correspondent expressed concern that the results of WASSCE 2020 could be the worst yet, while some of them reacted to the upcoming exams, while others were confident that students would be better off returning to school for revision. One of the students, who asked to be identified simply as Mr Fasiku, said his students were expected to perform better on the upcoming exam.

He said: “I believe the Government is doing its best to ensure that its students perform well in the years ahead. Students should be dutiful to achieve good results, and I believe they will.

Most teachers have already completed their curriculum and many have been overhauled, but students in Lagos state are alone. SS3 final exams, including other classes, are just weeks after the break of Covid’s 19 classes.

We have several online media and Internet channels available, and those in need can buy their own tablets, transistors and radios.

One of the mines, the Metropolitan Senior College in Ipswich, was a pioneer in this regard. Students of all grades and subjects live in the classroom via WhatsApp and are in contact with students who can interact freely with teachers.

Students are also expected to use this new normality to successfully sit their exams. After the school reopened, classes and revisions began immediately and the classroom attendance was impressive. COVID-19 brings out the best students by exposing them to various modern e-learning methods. It is not time to make excuses, but to turn them into a hard, rightful concentration that can turn adversity into success.

On the other hand, it says that less than 30 per cent of students use the online courses offered to them, and many of them are not even regular. No less is expected of the pupils of COVID-19, not only in the classroom but also on the internet and on social media.

Students also spoke to the DAILY about their state of preparation for the upcoming exams. The performance of students in WASSCE 2020 may not be as encouraging as expected, says COVID-19 director Dr Yuri Kuznetsov, professor at the Faculty of Pedagogy. He says students are not sufficiently prepared for the exams, and he says this is because of their lack of access to online courses and social media and poor performance in online courses.

I’m sad because I’m not prepared for the test because it’s delayed And I have already been told that it will take place next year. I would be happy if the exam wasn’t so bad because next year is a wasted year, “he said.

Personally, I had no teacher to prepare me for except for school preparation, so I prepared myself by reading alone. My teacher made sure I could take five subjects a day and prepared me for the exam in the first week of the school year in addition to the other classes.

Oade, from Gloryland College, Ejigbo, said: “The government has allowed me to make sure I can sit the exam this year. I would like to thank the committee that really fought to make this possible, and my teacher.

The problem is that, according to a report in the New York Times last week, the US and the EU Commission were unable to ensure compliance.

While schools are still taking normal school fees to deal with the situation in the country, some are less fortunate. Besides the school revision, I do self-reading to prepare, but I’ve also slowed down by postponements and only had two weeks of revision to catch up before the exam, “he said.

The environment is not conducive to learning, as the revision is a marathon and the other classes do not have the necessary facilities. I believe that I will pass the exam with high concentration, while others are studying for the first time in their second year. The teachers teach very well, but I only have an hour’s break on Thursday, “he said. At high concentrations, the examination becomes a success And I’m confident I’ll pass.

The chance of getting the exam is 50-50, as not all students receive online lessons, but teachers always come to class. Alimat Akinode said: “I used to take online courses with my smartphone when I was there and now that corrections and courses have been resumed, we are working on a new timetable for the 9-14 years. As I don’t have a smartphone, I can’t attend online classes, so I have to pick up my personal reading habits from my friends who come to my house to get tutorials.

I have achieved a top grade of 60 per cent for every question, according to the National Secondary School Board, after intensive teaching in the past.

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