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U.S Based Nigerian Doctor, Stella, Claims There’s Cure For Covid-19


U.S based Nigerian born physician says there’s a treatment for COVID-19. 

Emmanuel disregarded experts’ warning that hydroxychloroquine can result in severe heart problems for coronavirus patients, mentioning her experience with the usage of this medication. She stated she’d treated no fewer than 350 patients using hydroxychloroquine, magnesium, and Zithromax. 

These are excerpts of Emmanuel’s address:

“Hi, I am Dr Stella Emmanuel. I am a primary care doctor in Houston, Texas. “So I am utilized to these drugs. I am here because I’ve treated over 350 patients using COVID-19. Patients who have diabetes, patients who have hypertension, patients who have asthma, older people… 

I believe my earliest patients are 92… 87-year-olds. I place them on hydroxychloroquine, I place them on hydration, I place them Zithromax, plus they are all well. “For the last couple of months, after caring for over 350 patients, we have not missed one. Not a diabetic, not a someone having higher blood pressure, not a person who allergies, not an elderly person. 

“We have not lost one individual. And in addition to this, I have put myself, my team, and lots of physicians whom I understand on hydroxychloroquine for avoidance due to the very mechanism of activity, it works ancient and as a prophylaxis. 

“Lately, I had been doing some research on a patient who had hiccups and that I discovered that they did a recent research from the NIH, which will be our National Institute… 

Which would be the National… NIH, what? I am a real testimony. I came to Washington DC to inform America nobody should get ill. It’s known as hydroxychloroquine, magnesium, and Zithromax. I understand you folks wish to chat about a mask. Hello? You do not require a mask. 

There’s a cure. “I inform all of you physicians which are sitting and seeing Americans die. You are like the fantastic Nazi… the great one, the decent Germans that saw Jews get killed and you didn’t talk. “When they come after me, then they endanger me. 

They have threatened to… I mean, I have gotten all sorts of dangers. I really don’t care. I am not going to allow Americans die. And when this is the mountain where I get hammered on, I’ll get nailed onto it. I really don’t care. “It is possible to report me to the robots, it is possible to kill me, you can perform anything, but I am not going to allow Americans die. “And now I am here to say that America, there’s a remedy for COVID-19. All this foolishness doesn’t have to take place.

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