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Top facts about left-hand and right-hand driving

Top facts about left-hand and right-hand driving


Travelling from the nation is completely exciting — meeting new folks, savouring unique meals, studying the culture, and watching stunning views along with your naked eyes.  And, among those matters we, as tourists, could notice is the street they drive-in’s side.  

Just imagine you are a gentleman by a left-hand driving state (such as the Philippines).  Why?  Why is that have you ever thought about?  Let us go back in time and understand exactly the reasons why right-hand driveway and left-hand exist. 

What’s right-hand driving and left-hand driving?  

To start up things, let us define the significance of both of these phrases that are motoring.  Fundamentally, when the automobile has its own steering wheel to the right right-hand driving is the driver uses the side of the street.  Driving, on the other hand, has a steering wheel and thus the driver uses the side of the street.  Clear?  Clear.  

Fact No. 1: Throughout the English Feudalism, horsemen utilized the left side of this street. It is also simpler for your swordsmen to mount onto the left side and dismount on the ideal side of their horse.  
Fact No. 2: Napoleon Bonaparte enforced the countries he conquered to drive on the right side of the road.

The French statesman Napoleon Bonaparte that was left-handed ordered his people so he can attack his opponents using a sword on his left 34, to push the ideal side.  This principle made an effect to a number of the nations he conquered, and following this (visitors ) regulation until today. 
Fact No. 3: Some nations embraced right-wing driving due to British colonization. In Britain driving was enforced About the 1800s.  The British Empire territories which were colonized by the British Empire followed the principle, and that is the main reason.  There’s always an exception.  They pushed on the left although Nations such as Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, Indonesia, and Nepal were not part of the British Empire.

Fact No. 4: Henry Ford’s Model T had a steering wheel on the left side of the car. Model T that had a steering wheel put on the side of the automobile was, made by Henry Ford, also the creator of Ford Motor Company and an American automaker.  Americans shifted at the early 1900s into a driving method, since it’s more sensible to have the motorists close to the road’s centerline and realize the cars.  It enables passengers to escape the vehicle on the control rather than to the centre of the road.  


Fact No. 5: What’s the Philippines a Left Wing driving State? Given that the Philippines was colonized by lots of countries, a variety is of principle transitions.  Throughout the rule, we drove on the ideal side of the street.  After that, Japan compelled us to utilize the side and took ownership of the nation.  When the Philippines won on the Western with the Support of the U.S., we went back driving to the right.  


On March 10, 1945, late President Sergio Osmena signed an order directing drivers to drive on the ideal side.  According to Executive Order No. 34, the change in driving regulation is economically valuable since it would lower the purchase price of motor vehicles stolen from the Philippines in the U.S.

Here is an infographic and also the listing of those states practising left-hand driving and off-road driving:


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