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The Top Ethereum Dapp, Forsage, Denounced As A Ponzi By Philipines’s SEC

Forsage is the No.1 Dapp on Ethereum, a likely Ponzi, and responsible for rising ETH transaction fees.



  • The most popular Ethereum Dapp in the world has been deemed unregistered security by the Philippines SEC.
  • Operators of the Forsage Dapp are apparently refusing to comply with the commission.
  • Forsage, a multi-level marketing scheme, hogged 13% of the Ethereum network over the past 24 hours and is partially responsible for rising ETH transaction fees.

A gas-guzzling Ethereum dapp that accounts for 25 per cent of action on Ethereum network was denounced as a possible Ponzi scheme by the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission.  

A statement by the SEC on June 30 advised users of this dapp in the query, Forsage, to cease using it immediately, and required the proprietor formally enrols with the commission. 

But, it comprises lots of the common hallmarks of a multi-level advertising strategy. The dapp is categorized by popular standing website DappStats as a”High-Risk” program, where users gain by bringing more users to put money into multiplayer “slots”.  Every slot is twice as costly as the preceding and yields twice as much gain back to the initial referrer.  

Forsage users profit by enticing more users to buy progressively more expensive “slots”. Image: DappRadar

The SEC advisory notice said: “According to numerous reports and data gathered from the Commission, the entity operating under the title FORSAGE, led by Lado Okhotnikov, is regarded as engaging in investment-taking actions in the Philippines that isn’t AUTHORIZED from the Commission.”

In accordance with the SEC: “Forsage’s so-called clever arrangement partakes of the essence of securities via an investment contract in which investors need not apply any effort other than to invest or put money in its own strategy so as to profit.”  

Forsage refuses to comply

Yet, despite requirements by the SEC which Forsage enrols as accredited safety, the dapp’s operators don’t seem willing to honour.  

The SEC says they’ve been contacted by Forsage, and exactly what they heard didn’t prove beneficial to the commission’s attempts. It implied that the Government can’t shut it down since it’s decentralized and free of any jurisdiction.
“Decrypt talked to Ethereum researcher and programmer Philippe Castonguay, who analyzed the Forsage code also reasoned that the wise contract” can not be stopped”.  
Even if the SEC dismantled the site, states Castonguay, the absence of a very simple user interface could just impede the Dapp’s use at best. When asked when the SEC had some power whatsoever to shut down Forsage, Castonguay seemed suspicious –this is the character of Ethereum’s permissionless blockchain technology.”Unless there’s a currently unknown vulnerability,” I do not believe [they might ], no, said Castonguay.
“They could attempt to track down that the consumers are by requesting information to exchanges they use and reaching out to customers right,” he stated, adding, “but may well end up being ineffective and costly.”From the days since the SEC’s announcement, the use of this Forsage program has not halted.  In the time of writing, Forsage is the most common Ethereum-based Dapp in life, together with 4,341 users within the previous 24 hours, based on DappStats.  


Forsage is the No.1 Ethereum Dapp by active users at the time of writing. Image: DappStats

Gas-guzzling Forsage is slowing down Ethereum

Forsage has turned out to be a significant source of action on the Ethereum system in late times. 

According to Dune Analytics, the Forsage intelligent contract was in charge of absorbing 12.78%% of Ethereum’s gas within the previous twenty-five hours. 
Gas is a unit of measurement on Ethereum which signifies how much computational power is needed to do an operation.  By minding 25 per cent of this Ethereum system, the Forsage contract has pushed up Ethereum trade charges in the procedure.
Based on statistics from Bitinfocharts, Ethereum’s median and average trade fees have been rising since January 2020.   Meanwhile, the median fees rose an unbelievable 2,564% in precisely the identical time period, from $0.02 to $0.73.

Ethereum chart
Ethereum’s average and median transaction fees have exploded since the turn of the year. Image: Bitinfocharts

Not the only Ponzi on Ethereum

Nevertheless, it is not merely Forsage that is responsible for the present Ethereum stress-test.  The third-highest gas-guzzler on Ethereum is just another multi-level advertising strategy called MMM Global, that has accrued more than $5 million in ill-gotten Paxos (PAX) coins that are stable.

Regardless of the existence of gas-guzzling Ponzi schemes on Ethereum, Castonguay, that functions in blockchain gambling, do not anticipate such scams to vanish anytime soon.  He said it was unfortunate that Ethereum was utilized This Way, but included: “It is inevitable as a result of permissionless nature of the tech.  I guess that with strong law, Ponzi schemes on Ethereum will continue to be common, particularly as privacy programs readily available on Ethereum get better,” he explained.  

So if you have money to lose, there’s no need to rush over to Forsage. It’s probably not going away any time soon.

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