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[MUST READ] NDDC And Other Stories By Reuben Abati

Reuben Abati
Reuben Abati

In the past week, we’ve been treated to the sort of melodrama an artist might not have envisioned, complete with all the substance of a fainting fit, a failed intimate effort, a woman scorned, and hell breaking loose along with a formerly self-styled rare widow since the deuteragonist. 

It’s a series of pity is not it, what’s happening in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)? Launched in the year 2000 to assuage the anxieties of those people of the Niger Delta and address their concerns regarding the absence of infrastructural development in the area, regardless of the area’s contributions to the sustenance of Nigeria, it’s sad to see just how like all great initiatives have gone poor in Nigeria, this interventionist bureau is now or has been subjected as a festering sore upon the wound of the Niger Delta. From character clashes to sordid stories of mismanagement of funds, contractors that gather mobilization fees and just have a stroll, politicians at the National Assembly feeding fat on Niger Delta sources, also reports of frightening wasteful expenditure and also the conversion of each event or scenario: graduation ceremonies as well as COVID-19 into a chance to empty the public’s until the stench in the NDDC stinks into the skies. 

In the past week, we’ve been treated to the type of melodrama an artist might not have envisioned, complete with all the substance of a fainting fit, a failed intimate effort, a woman scorned, and hell breaking loose along with a formerly self-styled rare widow since the deuteragonist. It’s this latter portion of the plot which has excited, entertained and curious Nigerians. 2019- February 2020) who abandoned the commission rather suddenly as a result of some yet unproven allegation about and around her NYSC certification and so-called”insubordination”. 

In the span of a forensic audit of the bureau arranged by President Muhammadu Buhari, it’s notable that each of the hidden corpses from the NDDC especially inside the previous one year started to appear, and a number of those ghosts arose in the kind of fiscal sleaze and divided alliances and neglected relationships. 

The supervising Minister of this Commission, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, a formerly strong PDP chieftain, turned into an APC flooring member, went on television to offer his view on what transpired in the NDDC (he has to be regretting doing this ); rather than tackle the problems, he started an assault on Joi Nunieh, who worked temporarily as Acting Chairman of the NDDC. He whined about the way in which the woman had married four husbands and called on these four guys, that, when they exist in any way, have lent themselves frequent sense and remained off the radar. Obviously, she did not take it lying.

She captured the event with each ounce of oxygen within her own body and smashed the desk where Akpabio leaned his tight frame in the studio. In the span of her famous interview on Arise TV, we were treated to the sub-plot of Akpabio neglecting to dictate for her or control her activities adopted a”Plan B,” which is essentially a strategy to”entangle” her at”another room” She revealed that exactly what the”rare former Governor” out of Akwa Ibom State obtained in response was a “rare smack in the face”. 

It has to have been one of the sexy, filthy, blinding slaps that lead to a temporary reduction of eyesight along with a loud shout of Ye!. His existing travail resembles a trip from Gilgal to Golgotha. He says he’s asked his lawyers to proceed into court., the sordid scene of this present Acting Chairman of the NDDC, Professor Keme Pondei walking on the House of Representatives Committee on the NDDC, afterwards almost accusing the Chair of this Committee of becoming an interested party in the matter, and also the Exact Same Committee issuing a warrant of arrest to telephone Pondei to dictate. Before, the exact same Professor Keme Pondei supposedly disclosed how members of the IMC he prospects spent N1.8 billion on themselves as COVID palliative in just three weeks! After he finally showed up in the House of Representatives yesterday and he was informed that he and his coworkers had helped themselves to capital which wasn’t covered in the accepted NDDC Budget, he began fanning himself within a living area and before anybody knew it, he slumped beneath his desk! His detractors argue he was only enjoying with his role as an Acting MD, performing a scene at the NDDC play with. Stakeholders within the NGO community that assert they have been tracking the NDDC for decades, in reality, imply that we have not seen anything yet and if a comprehensive forensic audit is conducted, Nigerians will probably be astounded beyond their marrows. However, can anything be worse than that which we’ve heard and seen up to now? These stakeholders also assert that the entire drama which our eyes have seen thus much is at best a diversion and an orchestrated cover-up effort. The one issue is that the Niger Delta NGO community has also been fingered in a number of the tales for getting received patronage in the NDDC for work. 

If really matters get more interesting, a record of beneficiary-NGOs might confront, and we could all get busy fighting to lift the veil. We ought to be watchful. What are their perspectives on the continuing controversy? They’re the individuals who’ve been short-changed the most. The NDDC, initially OMPADEC, was a part of a set of policy steps including derivation, environmental finance, and infrastructure improvement strategies to address the marginalization of the Niger Delta people, assess youth restiveness in the area and encourage peace and stability. Since the beginning, the NDDC was handled by men from the Niger Delta. A Ministry of the Niger Delta was created, and thus far, only individuals from the Niger Delta have led the Ministry.

And all these difficulties! The typical tendency is to state the NDDC was developed to fail, but that’s surely not correct. The aim was principled — to attract growth to the Niger Delta. It is going to also be erroneous to state that the individuals haven’t seen any development in any way. In 1999, portions of the Niger Delta have been in a whole wreck. Yenagoa, the state capital had just one observable street, which seemed like something assembled in the 1960s. And one gas station using a busted, solitary, pump. 

The improvement doesn’t go far enough, though, since the significant dangers to the public’s lifestyles: crucial infrastructure such as the East-West Highway, ecological catastrophe, and unemployment stay visible. Critics of the Niger Delta since 1999 will claim credit for this improvement that we’ve seen but the understanding in Nigeria is that the OMPADEC/NDDC intervention has helped to an extent causing the petition by other areas to get a similar intervention bureau. 

However, recent revelations that officials and contractors of the NDDC happen to be occupied pilfering the capital of the Commission is in greatest stupefying, the absolute scale of it’s benumbing. The N81.5 billion which has been supposedly diverted within two weeks seems like enough cash to change the health industry in parts of the Niger Delta at a year of COVID-19. So, this isn’t the time for those of the Niger Delta to create the typical defensive point which anyone out of the Niger Delta is eligible to take Niger Delta cash. The opinion that”it’s our cash taken by our kids” is unacceptable. 

The Niger Delta battle was founded upon the ideals of equity, justice, development and advancement, no latter-day revisionist should inflict on the people of the Niger Delta, a Barkin Zuwo doctrine. 

I bring this up since I’ve read some comments by several members of the Niger Delta elite denying the significant problem is that the NDDC hasn’t been properly funded and the thing to do would be to discharge all of the outstanding capital to the Commission. Why the trillions in emptiness needed to be mismanaged? Is that the problem on the desk? There ought to be a much stronger conversation about the evolution process from the Niger Delta past the perplexing argument that this can be a battle between”a political Niger Delta” and”a geographic Niger Delta” or the only way forwards would be to throw more cash. Both ought to be taken as an individual reaffirmation of his devotion to one of the significant planks of his planned heritage at the beginning of his government in 2015: that’s the struggle against corruption. 

But past the anti-corruption struggle, there’s an emerging disadvantage to the Buhari government: the continuous bickering, the cult of personality as well as the externalization of conflicts over land within the authorities. At a Presidential democracy, a President appoints men to help the delegates’ authority to them and they must assist him to attain the goals of his government. Under President Buhari, the in-fighting one of his group communicates the belief that a lot of his appointees are not interested in their objectives or they’re on a portion of their own. 

They’ve done so much harm. Five decades back, the panic of Buhari’s war against corruption has been the start of intellect Today, his own appointees and political partners have awakened the concept and strategy. The market is in poor form. The war against terror isn’t working… Anything that is happening is a wake-up call and a chance for Mr President to secure the boat. He also wants to rescue his administration from rough and disloyal people and strengthen the institutions of the nation. 

The audit of this Commission must be wholly separate with no interference. The significant challenge in the NDDC is that politics was put above development aims. That must vary with proper mechanisms set up. Thereafter, it ought to be merged together with the EFCC. The brand new EFCC should be unbundled. It ought to have autonomous sections: an investigation division, a prosecution section and an enforcement division, all led separately by professionals that won’t be asked to report to an individual. 

The EFCC also has to be disengaged in the Nigerian Police. Since the beginning, just policemen have headed the EFCC. How about impartial professors or persons of this EFCC Academy who has generated many officers that have enjoyed global training and who combined the EFCC together with the expectation they were excited about a career? The President must restore respect and dignity to the government procedure.  

Source: Reuben Abati. alert-info

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