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Must Read: How A Facebook Comment Crashed A Lady’s Marriage


Be wary of what you post or perform on Facebook..but some individuals will not heed to this easy information. 

She’s done her conventional union and was going to marry if Facebook crashed the marriage just fourteen days to her marriage. She was regarded as a part of a SINGLES AND MARRIED set on Facebook. 

The bride was one of those who responded, SapientemShe stated that the amount was too much she is able to cheat on her husband when provided just 200K. 

Someone who understands her advised her to delete this comment as her wedding is coming up and she’s married culturally as an Igbo woman. 

Two more individuals that don’t understand her combined in begging her to delete the comment because it spanned decency lines. She lashed out in anger by stating, WHO HAS MARRIAGE EPP? She deleted the disgusting remarks not understanding that among those family members, of the dress, had screenshot the absurd comments and steered them for her mother-in-law who’s a senior civil servant and Deaconess at Mountain of Fire church. 

Hell was allowed loosed. There was a meeting in which the woman has been summoned and in tears, she stated that she had been joking. But she is also a pentecostal. All of the pleadings by her along with her parents fell on deaf ears since the marriage has been suspended forever. 

When I called the man who informed me that the story this afternoon, he maintained the groom family had agreed to call off the union entirely and will go and gather the dowry they compensated. The conclusion of this household might be debated whether it was appropriate or an overreaction. Many people on social websites write anyway, chat anyway and post-apocalyptic idiotic pictures. 

Hushpuppi based on Dubai authorities was tracked through his social networking upgrades for 6 months until they detained him. Consider the consequences. In any group which you’re a member or your own, be more cautious of your articles or your own comments. The web never forgets. 

I’m begging you and begging myself also, be cautious. The Internet can ruin our lives, marriages and relationships. You are fond of insulting people, particularly in classes, be cautious, for a single day, you might insult your upcoming helper or somebody who may counsel you in business.

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