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Marketing Peanut Burger – see how much you can make

Peanut burger
peanut burger

Peanut Burger is one of the best snacks because of its nutritional factors and its easy accessibility… Yeah! Easy to grab.

Producing Peanut Burger is a very nice thing if you want to dive into the snacks business because it is very profitable. We ain’t going to be talking about the how to make peanut burger here, but HOW TO MARKET THIS YUMMY PEANUT BURGER. 

In general food production, it is either the food is eaten by the producer or sold out to other consumers either in large scale or small scale. Concerning peanut burger, it is easy to do both i.e. either for family or business. 

Why should I turn my peanut burger production into business?

Hmm…  Let’s look at some general factors that must be considered before starting any business.
  • Availability of raw materials: If you already know how to make peanut burger, which means you already know the ingredients which are raw peanut(groundnut), egg, flour, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and others such as flavour for variation. Hurray! None of the ingredients is 10 miles away from you. You can easily get the raw materials for the production of peanut burger.
  • Cost of production: This is another crux factor to consider before venturing into any business. To cut the long story short, the estimated price for the production of a 5-litre peanut burger is under #1400, one thousand four hundred Naira. Don’t forget the selling price is based on some factors we will discuss.
  • Location or Proximity to the market: What is the essence of spending time on something that will be difficult to sell? One thing you should know for sure is that everyone around you is a potential buyer… That seems cool! marketing your peanut burger is not an issue except for your personal issues. 
Now that you have known the reason you should turn your production into business, let’s look at some factors governing the selling price…

Factors affecting the selling price of peanut burger

  • Presentation: This is a major factor that affects the selling price of peanut burger. There is a popular saying that, “the way you dress, is the way you will be addressed…” Here the type of packaging you give to your product will determine how attractive it will be and how much value people will give to it.
  • The market: Why market again? yes, the consumers are the market. The type of people you advertise or sell to has a great influence on the selling price. For example, imagine going to banks to sell your product to the workers and not even to the bank customers compared to selling it in the local market or schools… Think about it,.  
  • Quality and Quantity: Although, this is supposed to be the number one factor. It is very important to know that the quality and quantity of your product will influence the selling price. Note, you need to be smart with your production, i.e. know what people want, is it quality, quantity or both, so as to maximize your profit.
This is a very paramount aspect of peanut burger production because it must be in an air-tight container. There are several ways in which this can be done. 

Glass Nylon: Most people use this as it is very cheap and attractive.


Customised Pack(recommended): This is mostly used for large scale production, this is very good as your product can be accepted anywhere in the world. Amazing!


Plastic pack: This is also used in large scale production


Do you know it can even be produced for ceremonial purposes e.g. birthday, wedding, burial, etc?

See how to make a peanut burger.

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