If There’ll Be A Revolution In Nigeria, The Almajiris, Not BBNaija-loving Youth Will Stir It – Fredrick Nwabufo

It will occur. That change that Nigerians look for will come by the hands of the overlooked. 

In the event that Nigeria’s young are shy, manageable and unresponsive to financial and policy-driven issues influencing their nation, accuse the iron block for which they are fashioned. 

The legislature, the developmental schools, the colleges and the savage governmental issues – all are the counterfeiters of the present youth. A framework, which lobotomises the youthful from nascency has just denied them the capacity to act out, think, act, yet in addition the ability to support themselves, the battle for their privileges and shield themselves. There was a period in Nigeria when the young held the post. 

They were inflexible to the fancies of the military and to the boosts of dread and covetousness. I will refer to two ages for accentuation – the beginning of Segun Okeowo, the provocateur of the Ali Must Go uprising of 1978, and the sunset of Omoyele Sowore – the sharp voice of the June 12 battle. In April 1978, the Ministry of Education drove by Ahmadu Ali reported augmentation of 50 Kobo (from N1:50 to N2:00) to the expense of the day by day supper of understudies. Be that as it may, the National Union of Nigerian Students drove by Okeowo won’t have it down its throat without some legitimization. 

The association requested that the service return to business as usual, yet it shied away moving obligation to the Supreme Military Ruling Council. A straight-on was unavoidable

Fredrick Nwabufo

Understudies filled the boulevards to squeeze home their requests however got police projectiles as responses. Eight understudies were allegedly slaughtered. In any case, this didn’t stop the exemplary development which immersed the whole nation. The adolescent held their ground. 

They offered their expression and their capacity was felt by the military government. I consider this age the beginning of youth activism in Nigeria. Just 50 kobo increment in the expense of everyday dinners for understudies activated an across the national revolt. Yet, today, what has changed? I will clarify it. Our developmental schools and colleges are no longer communities of basic learning. 

They are currently robot plants where any individual who goes in as human comes out like a machine with tissue – beaten, broken, flexible and pliant. The form from which the like of Wole Soyinka was moulded at the University of Ibadan which made him decisive and brave has for quite some time been crushed to bits. College organizations in cahoots with scourges in the most noteworthy domain of government have throughout the years cleaned understudy unionism. 

Understudy pioneers no longer speak to their electorates yet the school administration which most occasions select them. Understudies are rushed out of reason and held onto the intensity of free idea and basic reasoning. They are told to parrot whatever the instructor and the school say. Truth be told, the techniques for certain colleges today are not far off from inhumane imprisonments – just that there are no gas chambers. Another motivation behind why we have a solvent youth populace is our savage governmental issues. I accept understudy unionism was adulterated from 1999. Youth activism as we probably are aware it finished with the age of Sowore and the June 12 battle. It is the explanation I see it as the sunset of understudy unionism. 

The National Association of Nigerian Students is currently a club of men engaging the middle-age emergency. The affiliation is, truth be told, a section of any decision gathering of the day. It is absolutely permeable of thoughts and scholarly coarseness. There is no shade of contrast between the present NANS and the National Union of Road Transport Workers – drove by MC Oluomo. NANS just flourishes for its sheer industry of brutality and limit with respect to the commotion. Individuals from NANS initiative live like the quotidian Nigerian lawmaker in unmerited extravagance, flowing through urban communities and towns in caravans named with vanity plates. 

The finish of understudy unionism followed with the intruding of the political class. Instigators got one with the oppressors. On a very basic level, if there was to be an insurgency in Nigeria; it would not originate from the BBNaija-cherishing Nigerian youth via web-based networking media. They are as of now seized of the psychological cheerful readiness for activity. 

I accept the greatest uprising in the nation will originate from hard-squeezed youthful Nigerians protected from the impairing scholarly framework and its end products. It will originate from young men on the lanes like we saw in Katsina when a few dissidents consumed the announcement of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

I prefer not to state it, yet Nigeria’s transformation (fights for a change) lies in the possession of the Almajiris – despite the fact that they themselves are misused for political additions. Be that as it may, they are the exceptions of the framework. It is the explanation I see no point lecturing youngsters taken over by the unscripted TV drama – BBNaija. 

They are survivors of the circumstance themselves. Also, for what reason am I reflecting on fights for change in Nigeria? With the stunning disclosures from the NDDC test and the incredible divulgence of scum over all divisions of the economy, I accept we can’t gain any ground as a nation along these lines. Something must give. It will occur. That change that Nigerians look for will come by the hands of the overlooked.

Fredrick Nwabufo is a writer and journalist
Source: Sahara Reporters, Fredrick Nwabufo
Twitter: @FredrickNwabufo

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