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40 selected questions from the Sweet Sixteen…

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40 possible questions from Jamb 2019 “SWEET SIXTEEN” novel.

Prepared by Raimi Idris Abiodun (A Philosophy student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye).

1) who is the protagonist in the novel “sweet sixteen”?

2) what was in the box Aliya’s daddy presented to her on her 16th birthday?

3) How many pages was the letter Aliya’s daddy wrote to her when she turned 16?

4) what actually provided Aliya’s Daddy the opportunity he needed to start the conversation he had planned all along concerning Aliya’s menstruation?.

5) Aliya was in which class when she turned 12.

6) What did you understand by a dumb girl according to the novel ?

7) who was Antie Molara in the novel?

8) Who was Kahlil Gibran according to the novel?

9) Which fan of the English football club was Aliya’s father?.

10) what is the full meaning of HAK, KOTL?

11) Which subject did Aliya barely score A in?

12) “Happy birthday to my first lady, Remember that only God is greater than you”
The above letter was written to Aliya when she turned _________

13) which day of the week was the day Aliya turned 16?

14) What is a stereotype?

15) “The most beautiful garden is the one that has different colours”
What is the message in the quote according to the novel?

16) The kind of generation, according to the novel, that all Muslims do not like Jesus and they like to kill people is called _________?

17) “Nobody can hurt me without my permission”
The quote was ascribed to who in the novel?

18) What was the reason why Aliya had suspected that her parent did not plan for her to be an only child?

19) who was the one that said: “You can tell that what you are doing is good or bad if you want other people to know about it or not”.

20) What’s the name of the tallest building in the world from Dubai?

21) From who did India gain their independence.

22) who was India first prime minister after independence?

23) Where were the students were caught having sex?

24) why did Aliya’s Daddy arrange the casual drive?

25) Like which magazines, Aliya claimed to have heard about sex?

26) what was Aliya’s Daddy name.. Or what name did Aliya used to call him whenever she wanted to get him to do something?

27) what was printed on the back of the jersey Aliya put on for the Drive.

28) what’s the name of the book written by Gibran which Aliya’s father wants her to read?

29) ” A day would come that technology would surpass human interaction and the world would have a generation of idiots”…
The above statement was said by who?

30) what did Gibran mean by “for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams”.

31) Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

32) When did Aliya start wearing bras and she was already a size 16 at what age?

33) where did Bobo relocate to in the novel?

34) what did u understand by the term “derailment” as used in the novel.

35) “Hating people because of their colour is wrong, it doesn’t matter who does the hating, it is just plain wrong”…
The above statement was said by who?.

36) Why did Aliya’s Dad tell her the story about the white slaver and the black man?

37) what did Aliya tell her Dad she wants to donate to the school clinic.

38) We can deduce from the novel that Aliya is a fat young girl… True or false?

39) What’s the name of the author of the novel “sweet sixteen”?

40) The author of sweet sixteen was commissioner of Education in which state?.

What do you think?

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